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Osaka Christmas Jesus Parade 2023

The Great Commission of Jesus Christ! Let's all share the birth, life, resurrection and second coming of Jesus Christ!

1. Date and Time

2023.11.25 (Sat) 13:00 Meeting / Praise Meeting & Message & Prayer 14:00 (Be punctual) Parade Departure - scheduled to end around 15:30.

2Gathering place.

Meet at Shin-Awaza Park (northeast side) 1-8 Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

"Honmachi" station, (Exit ㉓)/( Midosuji Subway Line, Yotsubashi Subway Line, or Chuo Subway Line)

3. Precautions

Please be on time.

 (leaving the park at 14:00), please check the website for cancellations.In case of heavy rain, storm, earthquake, etc.) You can go to the website from the QR code in the lower right corner.

4. Organizer's name and contact information

Canaan Global Mission Project Team Matsui Building 2F, 3-5-4 Fujigaoka, Fujiidera-shi, Osaka Phone & Fax: 072-937-1551 070-5436-7757 (Inoue)

Please feel free to contact Canaan Global Mission

5. How to participate and how to apply

Participants should gather at Shin-Awaza Park (northeast area) at the meeting time.

For inquiries, please contact the following

6. Other things we would like to tell you

You can bring megaphones, musical instruments, banners, placards, and so on during the parade.It's okay to have empty-handed.If you make your own original placard and bring it, you can appeal the gospel to many people.Anyone (unbelievers) is allowed to participate, and I hope that as many people as possible will gather to announce the birth, salvation, resurrection and re-appearance of the Lord.I think the Lord wants you to be a brave man of the gospel in the last days.Let's look forward to it!

7. What does it mean to hold a parade at Christmas?

The Parade is a declaration of the Lord's victory;worship and festival in the Bible.However, the image of Christmas in Japan has long been that of Christmas parties, Christmas cakes, Santa Claus and reindeer.It can be said that commercialization has a great influence on the retention of this image.But for us Christians, Christmas is a great opportunity to convey the message of Jesus Christ as a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ."Be wise to outsiders, and make full use of your opportunities," says the Bible.

Now is the time for us Christians to become one and act together to proclaim and preach the Good News.By gathering together and holding a parade, we have an opportunity to convey the meaning of true Christmas birth, resurrection, cross, salvation and the Lord's second coming to 99% of non-believers."Promote and deliver the word.Do it well, good or bad.We must bear in mind the mission of "Do your best, teach constantly, blame, admonish and exhort" (Timothy 4:2).Beyond commercialized images, Christmas parades are a great way to show our true faith.Let us act as messengers to spread Jesus Christ's message of love and salvation, bringing hope and peace to people's hearts.

8. Tract distribution during the parade

After the parade, please wait and distribute the tract at Ebisu Bridge in Namba for about 30 minutes.After that, we plan to conduct posting and missionary activities around downtown.We would appreciate it if you could participate in this activity.Also, we would appreciate it if you could bring each church's Christmas meeting guide for the flyers used to distribute the tract.If you don't have a flyer, we will prepare a flyer for the local people's Christmas.

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